Zoned HVAC

Zoned HVAC is a system in which each room has its own unit and thermostat. A central controller turns the units on and off to keep the entire home at a comfortable temperature. For example, if someone were to get out of bed and start taking a shower, that person would raise the temperature in that one room. The central controller would then turn additional units off in other rooms.

The reason that zoned HVAC is so important is that it allows for optimal energy usage. When the home reaches the desired temperature, all of the thermostats shut their respective units down. This prevents large amounts of energy from being wasted to cool or heat an empty room. Additionally, each room has its own thermostat, so people can adjust the temperature to their personal preference.

It is also important to note that zoned HVAC works with any type of home, no matter the age. This system is particularly important for houses from 1900-1970. These houses were built before air conditioning was an option and central heat was still a luxury item. In most cases, these homes can only be controlled locally. In other words, the temperature in every room is controlled by a different individual and there is no way to regulate an entire home's temperature. With zoned HVAC, however, homeowners can set their entire house at whatever temperature they like. Additionally, this system will take away any discrepancies between indoor and outdoor temperatures.

This has another benefit for homeowners. It allows for a more comfortable temperature. For example, if someone were asleep in their bedroom and the temperature was set to 70° F, but it is a cold winter's night and the outdoor temperature is 25° F, zoned HVAC would only allow the bedroom to get to 65° F before shutting off the unit. In this case, the household would be unaware of the outdoor temperature and wouldn't have to wake up freezing because they set their home's central heat to a high temperature. It also prevents energy wastage that occurs on cold days when homeowners try to warm an entire house that has been neglected all day.

Other benefits of zoned HVAC include:

- The ability to keep the entire house at a more consistent temperature. The perfect example is when someone first wakes up and turns on the heat for ten minutes before getting up and starting their day. The home may continue to stay warm throughout the day because there are no additional occupants.

- Each room has its own thermostat and can be adjusted for individual preference. This is particularly important in cases where couples, families, or roommates disagree on the ideal temperature of a room.

- It is compatible with any home style and can also increase the resale value of a house. With this system, homeowners can control the entire home's temperature without wasting money or heating the entire neighborhood.

- It makes the house more comfortable for all occupants.  It creates an individualized environment that is perfect for personal preference, living situations, and various seasons.

Zoned HVAC is great for both families and individual people. No matter how many people live in a house, everyone can enjoy a comfortable temperature. To inquire about zoned HVAC in your home, call us today!